Labor Advice in Algeria

Labor Consultancy, Advisory and Management of Human Resources in relation to the Regime of Local and Foreign Workers in Algeria. Assistance in the preparation of files, presentation and monitoring of them.
  • Labor Advice in Algeria:

    1. Employment Contract.

    2. Registration of Workers, Hiring and Dimissal.

    3. Holidays, Licenses and Medical low.

    4. Absences, Sanctions and Recuperations.

    5. Control of Absences.

    6. Certificates of Work (Attestation of Travail A.T.) and Work and Salary (A.T.S.),

    7. Monthly Salary Bulletins.

    8. Statements on Social Security: CNAS and CACOBATPH.

    9. Declarations of Family Assistance (Allocations Familiales).

    10. Pharmaceutical Assistance Declarations: Carte Chiffa.

    11. Personal Income Reports: IRG.

  • Legal Asistance to Labor Relations:

    1. Social Conflicts, Disciplines and Penalties.

    2. Work Inspecitons.

    3. Administrative and Contential Resourd.

  • Regime for Foreign Workers in Algeria:

    1. Reports and Records of the Agreement of Principle berfore the ministry of labor.

    2. File for the Acceptance of Work Permits.

    3. Files for the Permission of Residence Permits.

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